Langley Speedway Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much are tickets?
  2. Does the track have a cooler policy?
  3. I bought a ticket for a race that was rained out. Can I use the ticket for another race?
  4. Is the track available for rent?
  5. What other events take place at Langley Speedway?
  6. Do you offer family pricing for tickets?
  7. Do you charge for parking?
  8. How much are pit passes?
  9. Is there trackside parking available for races?

Answer 1:

On regular race weekends tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for Seniors & Military, $5 for kids 6 to 12, Under 5 are free. Prices are subject to change and prices will vary for special events.

Answer 2:

Langley Speedway does have a cooler policy. No cooler can be any larger than 18" and no glass is allowed.

Answer 3:

If you bought a ticket to a Langley Speedway event and the event was rained out before it completed half of the events that night, then your ticket will be good for the next week's race. This does not include tickets bought from other parties for certain race nights. In that case, those tickets will be honored on the make up date for that certain race or they might be refunded through the party.

Answer 4:

The track is availabe for rent during the week. Contact the track at (757) 865-7223 for more information.

Answer 5:

Langley Speedway is home to many events during the racing season. Besides our Saturday Night program we also host Wacky Wednesdays. These are street legal car races that take place every Wednesday with burn out competitions, oval drag racing, and time attacks. The Hampton Roads Kart Club also races at Langley Speedway on select Sundays.

Answer 6:

We do offer family pricing with our family four pack. For $25 you will get 2 adult and 2 kids tickets.

Answer 7:

We are all about making a night at Langley Speedway an affordable experience for everyone. We do not charge for parking.

Answer 8:

Pit Passes are available for anyone for $35. If you have a NASCAR, INEX, Langley, or HRKC license, the price is $25.

Answer 9:

Trackside parking is availble. If interested, call the track at (757) 865-7223