The Chaplain's Corner


This corner is designed to provide the race community with some inspirational thoughts and personal comments from your track Chaplain's point of view.

My name is Rev. Potter and it is my privilege to be your Track Chaplain. I am here to support you, your team and your family in any way that I can be of encouragement and help to you. Lord willing, I will be here each week to give you a little paper called RPM (real power moment) and to say a prayer. I am on call during the week to assist you off the track as well as on the track. You reach me on my cell at 757-650-0838 or through Langley Speedway. Have a great season – you are in my prayers.
Real Power Moment

Power Bible Verse:
“They confronted me in the day of my calamity, but the Lord was my support.” (Holy Bible- Psalm 18:18)

Power Thought:

Every day we hear about some tragedy and sometimes it’s not that far away and
it effects us personally and deeply. While there are those who may want to look at
the tragedy from the money and media standpoint and while there are drama
queens and attention seekers…I believe God wants us to look at it from His point
of view. According to today’s power verse, God is our support and I believe He
wants us to support those who are hurting and suffering from a tragic situation.
When tragedy strikes, we need to refrain from the blame game and think of how
we can show our support to all who suffer. It’s not a time to take sides; it’s a
time to make sure we are on God’s side. We have a right to our opinions and the
freedom of speech but we need to take more seriously the right thing to
do…Support and pray for the people who suffer. We all have our emotions and
at times can let our feelings become very evident. We always need to look for
the facts, let the proper people deal with the legal aspects and make sure we
become more of a healing agent rather than add to any hurt or pain. If you can’t
make a situation any better…don’t make it any worse.

Power in Prayer:

Lord, protect the other drivers and myself and crew as I race and may I always
make safety a priority and the wellbeing of other drivers when my patience is
being tested. Amen


Chuck Hall’s surgery was most successful and he is recovering very well.
Look forward to his return to Langley. Our prayers go out to the family of
Kevin Ward, Jr. and Tony Stewart and his race team following the tragic death of
Kevin on the track at Canandaigua, New York.