The Chaplain's Corner


This corner is designed to provide the race community with some inspirational thoughts and personal comments from your track Chaplain's point of view.

My name is Rev. Potter and it is my privilege to be your Track Chaplain. I am here to support you, your team and your family in any way that I can be of encouragement and help to you. Lord willing, I will be here each week to give you a little paper called RPM (real power moment) and to say a prayer. I am on call during the week to assist you off the track as well as on the track. You reach me on my cell at 757-650-0838 or through Langley Speedway. Have a great season – you are in my prayers.
Real Power Moment

Power Bible Verse:
“Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart, All you who hope in the Lord.” (Holy Bible- Psalm 31:24)

Power Thought:

To start your first race takes a lot of courage and whenever you strap yourself in your racing machine and start each race, it takes courage. A lot of good goals and great plans are never accomplished because the person making them never got started. You cannot get the checkered flag unless you take the green flag. Some never reach the finish line because they were finished before they started. Some may get a DNF but others get a DNS (did not start). In the race on the track, sometimes it is mechanical failure that keeps a driver from starting but many times when it comes to the race of life it is because there is a lack of courage. There are those who are afraid they will fail or they will get hurt or afraid of what others might think or say if they mess up; some may just lack the motivation and it’s a lot of talk but no walk. Some let the negative thoughts of others influence them. Some may not believe in themselves or trust others. It takes courage to overcome the DNS syndrome. Many times during a season a team may have issues in qualifying and have to make major adjustments and repairs and have to start at the back of the pack but they finished the race because they did not let the race finish them. Today’s Power Verse tells us that there is One who can give us strength so we can have courage and if we put our hope in Him we will start with confidence and courage.

Power in Prayer:

Lord, I want to thank you for this night of racing here at Langley. As I start
the race, I put my trust in You and know You will give me the strength to
accomplish my goal. Amen.